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Nerve Control 911 Review – Get Rid of Neuropathic Pain Now!

nerve control 911

What is Nerve Control 911?

With time, whether it is due to our increasing age or because of the deteriorating environmental conditions, our bodies tend to creep closer to their maximum limitations and we start facing certain health-related issues such as body aches, back pain, joint pain, etc. However, one major issue that severely hinders a person’s life, and cuts off a big chunk of it, is Neuropathic pain (i.e. pain due to the nerves/nervous system). We all have, one way or the other, interacted with someone who’s suffering from some form of nerve pain, whether it is a loved one, a relative, a friend or a colleague. We’ve all wanted to help them but with no proper solution available, all we could do is just helplessly watch them, hoping that their pain somehow ends soon. But, not anymore. We finally have a solution available to us that we can use to help them find comfort and relief: PhytAge Labs’ Nerve Control 911.

Nerve Control 911 is the brainchild of Maxwell Conrad and was created as the perfect remedy for every kind of nerve pain currently present. Made entirely from pure, natural ingredients, with no harmful chemical substances, no side-effects, and under strict quality conditions, this solution wasn’t created to provide temporary relief to the patients, but to eliminate their entire problem. The target was to ensure that any person facing any kind of nerve pain is relieved of it and then can go on to live a happier, pain-free life. From the gaining popularity of this product, as well as the many wholesome stories of ecstatic and satisfied customers, it is safe to say that Nerve Control 911 has achieved its target.

nerve control 911

How Does it Work?

Inside our body, there are certain enzymes hidden within the immune system which get triggered whenever our body undergoes some form of stress. Upon getting triggered, these enzymes cause ‘pain pathways’ to occur which are responsible for destroying nerve cells within the body, resulting in Neuropathic pain. This then leads to inflammation, aches, numbness, etc. throughout the arms, fingers, feet and/or toes of individuals, resulting in their hospitalization, amputation, and, at times, death.

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The main enzyme which is responsible for all of the nerve pains, as well as the ‘pain pathways’, is MMP-13. As explained by Dr. Reiger, a Ph.D. researched at Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, excessive levels of MMP-13 are very toxic to the nerves and destroys the collagen responsible for keeping the skin together, making our nerves very vulnerable to damage. Hence why it was realized that by finding a means to stop MMP-13, the symptoms of nerve pains could be completely eradicated.

But before that means could be found, it is also important to find ways to tackle the ‘pain pathways’ resulting from MMP-13. They are the ones that cause inflammation and aches within our bodies and hence should not be disregarded. They are as follows:

  • COX – 2

Responsible for triggering the inflammation and destroying the COX-1 enzyme which protects the stomach lining.

  • PGE – 2 (Prostaglandin E-2)

Released due to stress from performing physical activities and destroys joints and connective tissues.

  • 5 – LOX (5-lipoxygenase)

An enzyme that is said to be 1000 times for inflammatory than COX-2 and hence even more dangerous.

  • TNF – alpha (tumor necrosis factor-alpha)

A cytokine that causes inflammation and damage to both the bones and the tissues because of which it results in terrible back and joint issues.

  • iNOS (inducible nitric oxide synthase)

An enzyme that to causes heavy inflammation.

  • RNS (Reactive Nitrogen Species)

Similar to iNOS, it is an enzyme that triggers and causes heavy inflammation.

  • NF- kB (NF Kappa B)

Blood proteins responsible for maintaining and regulating cytokines and pro-inflammation mediators.

These are the “7 pain pathways” that Nerve Control 911 targets to make sure that their triggers are turned off, allowing for all of our pain, aches, and inflammations to go away. The solution targets these pathways through the use of natural, clean, fresh herbal ingredients within its mixture. The following herbal ingredients were chosen after years of thorough and rigorous research was done to ensure that they had promising remedial properties and health benefits.

  • California poppy

It helps to deal with many different pains and diseases that plague our bodies. Combining it with the other ingredients, it then also provides relief to all sorts of nerve pains, sleep problems, etc.

  • Corydalis Yanhusuo

This ingredient has shown remedial properties that reduce both inflammatory and neuropathic pain by halting the pain signals’ access to the brain.

  • Passion Flower

Greatly assists in reducing anxiety, stress, nerve pain and restlessness.

  • Prickly Pear

Considered to have the potential to provide great health benefits, Prickly Pears are full of antioxidants that help protect our cells from being damaged and/or destroyed.

  • Marshmallow Root

This ingredient fights inflammation and swelling through its ability to store and carry water. When digested, it hydrates our body and greatly improves our digestive and respiratory systems as well as our skins.

PhytAge Labs heavily regulate all production of Nerve Control 911 to make sure that all 5 of these nutrients are sourced from pristine locations and then freshly grown within state-of-the-art facilities and strictly follow all GMP and FDA guidelines. They even employ third-party investigators to further check the legitimacy of the entire process. Hence, this solution proves to be a much better and more effective remedy to the Neuropathic pains than any medicinal drugs currently being prescribed.

Benefits of Nerve Control 911

Seeing the intricacies and the effort behind the creation of Nerve Control 911, no surprise compared to currently present nerve-pain medicines, Nerve Control 911 has many advantages. Unlike our commonly used medicinal drugs, this solution does not use any dangerous chemicals or drugs – meaning no individual will suffer from any side-effects.

It provides a cheaper alternative to nerve-pain relief medication, making it accessible to people from all backgrounds and does not require people to constantly visit the doctor and get new prescriptions.

Furthermore, instead of providing temporary relief as most medicines do, it straight away tackles the root issue and attempts to eradicate it to provide long-lasting relief.

Nerve Control 911 can even be consumed before any signs or indication of Neuropathic pain and it will help make our body more resilient to such pains in the future.

Moreover, the use of completely natural ingredients also means that it can be taken by anyone, regardless of other diseases, allergies or supplements, without fearing any sort of negative reaction.

Price and Packages

Taking into account the vast benefits and the life-saving potential that Nerve Control 911 has, it was originally priced at $120. However, due to the desire to help every possible individual suffering from Neuropathic pains, two packages heavily reduce the cost and can be currently availed:

  • 1 full bottle for $69.95 with no additional shipping costs. This offer helps save over $50, with each pill only costing a fraction more than $1.
  • A 4-bottle bundle for $49.95 per bottle with no additional shipping costs. This offer helps save more than $70 per bottle.

If these packages weren’t enticing enough, then within 90 days of purchase, if a customer isn’t satisfied with the received product, not only will PhytAge Labs guarantee them a full refund, but they will also receive an additional $100 on top of that as well! Such is a belief that PhytAge Labs within their product.

Final Verdict

To conclude, Nerve Control 911 is certainly a much-needed remedy to help solve and reduce the growing issue of Neuropathic pain. Firstly, through its use of 100% natural ingredients that follow all quality guidelines, this remedy provides no side-effects or reactions to any other supplement or allergies and hence is safe for consumption for everyone. Secondly, by tackling the root of the problem, it aims to provide long-lasting relief instead of just acting as a temporary buffer. Finally, with a full refund policy along with an additional $100 upon unsatisfactory return, purchasing this solution essentially becomes a risk-free, lifesaving investment!

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