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Outbreak Manual Review – The Ultimate Virus Outbreak Survival Manual

In December of 2019 a virus, called coronavirus, emerged in Wuhan, China. And today it has taken over the world. In the beginning, it was considered nothing but common flu. But soon the world started realizing its intensity and it was declared as a global health crisis. This virus didn’t give the world much time to even prepare. And within months it spread to more than 100 countries, killing and infecting thousands of people. Today the number of infected people all over the world is 2,107,450. And out of this 136,992 have already died. But while the world seems to be ending for a lot of people, there is still some hope. And to spread this hope two people – a doctor and an army medic – decided to write an Outbreak manual for people. It is your complete guide about the virus and what can you do to survive during these testing times. It contains answers to all your questions and queries. And it also contains different tips and guidelines to keep you and your family safe.

Outbreak Manual

About the Outbreak Manual

This manual is not just a brochure that you’d get from a hospital. The Outbreak Manual is a complete guidebook. And it tells you everything that you need to know about coronavirus. It contains information about the root cause of the virus, how it spreads, treatments, etc. It also guides you about who is more vulnerable to the virus and how can you save yourself from getting infected. Moreover, all the information in it exists in simple words. So, you won’t have a hard time understanding or figuring out what to do.

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About the Authors

The authors of the Outbreak Manual are a doctor and an army medic. And both of them have had spent a fair amount of time in hospitals or treating people. Their goal was to prepare people for the virus outbreak in their area. They believe that at times like these authorities have other things to worry about. So, they’re not going to go to every individual to tell them what they’re supposed to do.

But these two men took it upon themselves to guide and help people. To survive a pandemic, you have to act on your own first. You need to keep yourself well informed while also mentally preparing yourself. And once you’re aware of all the precautions, you’ll be able to save yourself and your family as well.

Why Do you Need the Outbreak Manual?

This is not the first time that a deadly virus has emerged. But this is definitely the first time when a virus has taken over more than 100 countries. Diseases like these are known to leave people terrified and in chaos. But coronavirus is worst of all because we don’t have a proper treatment or vaccine for it. Even doctors are still confused as to what they should do.

At times like this when even doctors are clueless, we need something or someone to tell us what we’re supposed to do. And we are not saying that the Outbreak Manual contains a cure. But it does contain all the information that we need to protect ourselves. This manual is a product that everyone should have right now. So, this way a lot of people and families will be saved just by following the guidelines.

Inside the Outbreak Manual

The Outbreak Manual is a complete guide which contains all the relevant information about the virus. And since this virus is new there isn’t much research available on it. So, you can either take help from a bunch of lies posted online or an authentic manual. It contains the following information:

  • How you can stop a virus from spreading locally
  • Different phases of the pandemic
  • Taking care of an infected person while also protecting yourself
  • Which medicines would work or wouldn’t work
  • The type of groceries and other items you should buy
  • Making your personal protective gear at home
  • Cooking your food properly
  • Preparing your family and children for any emergency
  • Surviving without the help from relevant authorities if things get worse
  • Protecting yourself and your family in different situations
  • Disposing infectious waste safely
  • Preparing yourself for life after the pandemic
  • Minimizing virus transmission
  • Dealing with the death of the loved ones
  • Taking care of your mind and your mental health during the chaos
  • Diet recommendations
  • Setting up a quarantine room for an infected person
  • Planning and preparing for worse situations

Some Tips from the Outbreak Manual

The Outbreak Manual is a comprehensive manual on how to avoid coronavirus. It contains numerous useful and important tips to help you during these trying times. For instance;

It explains the importance of social distancing and avoiding any physical contact with an infected person. The Outbreak Manual stresses social distancing more than anything. Because the initial stages of coronavirus are the same as the common flu or cold. So, you cannot tell who has been infected and who hasn’t. But you can avoid getting infected by maintaining proper distance.

Moreover, it also explains how you can take care of an infected person. The manual explains how it is important to keep a chronological record of their health. You don’t need to be in close proximity to the infected person. You can take notes of their just general appearance twice or thrice daily. And you can also note whether they’re getting worse or better. So, this way you’ll be able to help doctors as well if there’s a need to take them to the hospital.

Where Can you Buy It?

You can buy the Outbreak Manual today from the official website. And the good news is for a limited time the International Association for Disease Control and Prevention is covering half of its cost. So, if you order now you can avail an 50% discount. This means you can buy the ultimate virus Outbreak Manual for $36.99 only.


What we need during these hard times is someone to guide us. And we certainly don’t have any time for fake tips and news either. So, instead of just waiting to get infected you should buy the Outbreak Manual today. Because it won’t cause you even half of what you’ll have to spend if you get infected. It gives you detailed information about how to avoid the virus. And it also tells you how you can recover if you get infected. Right now, you cannot go to a doctor to seek help either. So, your next best option is the Outbreak Manual because its author is a doctor.

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