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Pinpoint Pharma creates and patents a printer that can make custom medicine for animals

Arun Giridhar

A printer that is faster than the traditional procedure of making custom medicine has been created by Pinpoint Pharma. The Purdue Foundry has been assisting Pinpoint Pharma and two other startups and at the TechCrunch Disrupt SF Conference, 8 startups from Indiana would be featured from the 5th to 7th September in San Francisco.

Pinpoint Pharma makes medicine tailored made for animals which makes it easier for pet owners to give and pets to take. This also makes it easier for veterinarians and pharmacies to optimizes clinical outcomes.

Pinpoint Pharma’s was founded by Arun Giridhar, the CEO and three other faculty members of Purdue’s University with a goal to create a device like an inkjet printer which could dispense custom pharmaceutical and disrupt the traditional one size fits all approach.

Arun Giridhar said in a statement “When there is a requirement from a pet or animal as determined by their vet, our product can dispense the exact amounts and ratios of active ingredients which are needed for the pill, in a form and flavor that the specific pet will love.”

He added by stating “Our medicine printer allows veterinarians to be very precise in serving an animal as an individual rather than as the average of a population.”

The two advantages that the CEO pointed out for the medicine printer were that it was faster and more precise over the custom drug product it can make.

Pinpoint Pharma’s printer takes about 10 minutes per animal to produce a batch of medicines and is also more precise in tracking how many drops of medicine are dispensed in each dose and also the volume in every drop.

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