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Taiwanese Hospital unveils the use of Blockchain technology to store and track medical records


According to local newspaper Taipei Times, Taipei Medical University Hospital launched a platform that would be used for better keeping the hospital’s medical records.

The Taiwanese hospital has built the Healthcare Blockchain Platform as part of its efforts to consolidate the government’s Hierarchical medical system policy. This platform would help to improve a patients referral services and streamline the entire process. It would also help to easily access the patients to their medical records.

Over 100 community-based clinics would take part in the project and would use blockchain technology to look for pain points in healthcare. They are looking to streamline the entire data between medical institutions, referral, and personal patient portals.

A patient can easily access all their medical records which include high definition medical images, health exam information and lab results. A smart contract could help hospitals and clinics authorize patient records with ease while also maintaining security.

Chen Ray-jade, a hospital superintendent stated that patients could have extra security features and they can also send a notification to the patient before transferring any data records.

Healthcare around the world has started using blockchain technology to manage medical records and data. In June this year, Merck & Co. filed a patent for a blockchain solution which would help to track counterfeit drugs in the entire supply chain.

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