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Zenith Labs Ultra Soothe (Nutra Prosper) Review – Where to Buy?

zenith labs ultra soothe

Do you have a box full of pain killers at home? It means one box that contains different medicines for different kinds of pain. Sometimes it is the nerve pain the other time’s muscle soreness and the list go on and on. Wish you could find one power pack solution for muscle, joint and nerve pain? Zenith labs ultra soothe is your ultimate solution for all kinds of pains.

What is Zenith Labs Ultra Soothe?

Ultra soothe is an all-natural formula that contains all the key ingredients to defend your body against joint, muscle and nerve pain. The Zenith Labs Ultra Soothe is designed using curcuminoid to facilitate it with the strongest pain-relieving properties. While the conventional curcumin supplements contain merely 3% curcuminoid this formula comprises a good 20% curcuminoid.

Zenith labs ultra soothe by NutraProsper is formulated to provide maximum defense against muscle soreness, nerve pain, and even joint pain. Moreover, the formula is considerately designed using a special form of curcumin that absorbs quite fast in your body. In addition to that, the formula is 46 times faster than the typical curcumin absorbs in the human body.

It is a clinically tested and approved formula that works way better than the typical curcumin supplements. Moreover, the supplements are 100% gluten-free and certified non-GMO. For quality assurance, each batch and every single capsule of zenith labs ultra soothe is rigorously tested. Hence the supplements are deemed safe in regard to their purity, content, and dosage.

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How Does it Work?

Zenith labs ultra soothe is the most efficient health supplement manufactured by NutraProsper to support pains. To make it the best pain supporting supplement curcuminoid present inside curcumin has been used to formulate it. Ultra soothe is completely different from the ordinary curcumin supplements found in the pharmacy and health stores.

The ingredients used in this formula are handpicked to make Zenith Labs Ultra Soothe the best pain-relieving supplements. Moreover, the formula contains a natural blend of herbs and nutrients that are scientifically proven to support body pain.  Here is how it is supposed to make a difference in the consumer’s body:

  • Helps combat joint pain: with fit and strong joints you can get out and about with your friends and children without any discomfort. You may run errands to visit your friends and family with these strong joints.
  • Calms down the muscle soreness: sore muscles won’t be an obstacle in your fun-filled life anymore. Stay agile and enjoy staying active throughout the day without bearing any pains later.
  • Supports your body to alleviate the nerve pain: good riddance from the horrifying nerve pain. Experience new energy in your body as the Zenith Labs Ultra Soothe eases the constant nerve pain.
  • Enables you to walk freely: with strong joints and muscles, you’ll be able to take a long peaceful walk with your loved one without the knee pain ruining it.
  • Be self-sufficient: the reduced nerve and muscle pain restore your lost confidence and the fit joints make you self-sufficient. No more having to depend on others for your small tasks.


Zenith Labs Ultra Soothe is a doctor-formulated blend of exclusive herbs and nutrients that support body pain. Moreover, it also contains some handpicked ingredients that help alleviate the muscle soreness, nerve pain and strengthens the joints. The extraordinary ingredients added in the formula are:

  • Bioperine: an alkaloid extracted from black pepper is specially added in the Zenith Labs Ultra Soothe formula to stimulate the effectiveness of curcumin. This ingredient helps the curcumin to work more efficiently to alleviate body pains
  • Boswellia serrate: this is an herbal ingredient that has the potential to reduce joint pain. It has been used in painkillers in Asian medicines for years.
  • White willow bark extract: a natural pain reliever that has been used for thousands of years. This ingredient has said to work as a potential pain killer for chronic back pains.
  • Ginger: This spicy tasting ingredient commonly used in hundreds of tasty recipes has remarkable pain-relieving properties. It is found useful in soothing the joint pains.
  • Corydalis powder: commonly found in Asia this herb is widely used in China as an herbal remedy for alleviating pain. It significantly reduces everyday body pains and eases the symptoms of body pains.

How to Use it?

The amazing Zenith Labs Ultra Soothe pain-relieving formula is available in the form of easy to swallow capsules. One bottle lasts for a month as it contains 60 capsules. To benefit from this wonderful formula all you need to do is take 2 capsules each morning with water. Yes, that is it, no hassle no worries.

The formula would soon start to work on your body pains as the capsule absorbs in your body quickly. The capsules are easy to swallow and have no bitter or aftertaste which is a plus. Soon the joint pain, muscle soreness, and nerve pain would start to alleviate and revitalize your strength.

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The Zenith Labs Ultra Soothe is aimed to aid body pain in the most convenient manner. This is why the product is easily available at the cheapest prices online. Moreover, for all those freebie lovers, this product has an amazing buy 1 get 2 free offer. All you pay for is a low price of $49 plus a one-time shipping fee of $19 and you’ll get the package delivered at your address.

Hold your horses the product has two additional bonuses that come along with the order for absolutely free of charge. The two bonuses would add to the value of the product and make it much easier for you to get rid of body pains. Here are the 2 complimentary bonuses that come along with Zenith Labs Ultra Soothe:

  • 8 guilt-free snacks for joint pain relief worth $27
  • Joint health masterclass 5 parts video series from Dr. Ryan Shelton valued at $129

100% Money-Back Guarantee

This mind-blowing formula is a totally risk-free investment as it comes with a 60 days testing period. The manufacturers of Zenith Labs Ultra Soothe are so confident and desperate to make you try their product that they offer a 100% refund guarantee. Freely use the product for 60 days and if you feel unsatisfied with the results or change your mind for whatsoever reason claim a refund.

No matter how many bottles you have ordered or consumed you’ll be refunded the full amount. No questions no conditions simply contact the providers and ask for your refund. The manufacturers promise to refund your full payment as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

Zenith Labs Ultra Soothe is supposedly a unique anti-pain formula that works effectively to alleviate body pain. It naturally works to reduce muscle soreness, nerve pain, and joint pain. If used as instructed the product promises to revitalize your strength and make you self-sufficient. Your joint pain won’t be an obstacle in your fun-filled plans. The nerve pain won’t haunt you anymore and above all the muscle soreness would be completely vanished in a few days.

However, it is encouraged to consult your personal physician before trying any supplements. These supplements have different results on each individual and may not be suitable for pregnant and lactating women.

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